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Just as important as choosing the best wood stove is choosing the best chimney and pipe.  In the world of chimney’s and stove pipe, Ventis is the gold standard.

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The Ventis® Advantage

•UL Listed UL103HT

•Manufactured in the USA, Scranton, PA

•Available in 304L or 316L inner wall pipe

  316 stocked, not special order

•Sold factory direct to chimney and hearth   professionals

•Not sold through "big box stores"

•Forever Warranty

◦Coal warranty - Forever Warranty with 316L   inner wall pipe

•Superior packaging virtually eliminates shipping   damage

Exclusive Ventis Thermal Web™ Design

•Reduces heat transfer to exterior wall

•Allows for thermal bridging™ between pipe   sections

•Reinforces fastening system 360°

 Ventis® Components - The Perfect Match

•The best selection of rain caps in the industry

•The best selection of flashings in the industry

•Stainless steel options galore

•Components that address many installation   challenges

Ventis Product’s

  • Ventis Class-A All-Fuel Chimney Pipe

  • Ventis Single Wall Black Stove Pipe

  • Ventis Double Wall Black Stove Pipe

  • Ventis Components - The Perfect Match

The Difference is Obvious:

•Fume-Free™ - No more fumigating effects on initial firing.

•Stronger, More Durable Pipe - Outer wall is made from 24-gauge Satin Coat  Steel.

•Free Air Flow - Our Thermal Web™ creates a continuous and consistent air flow  and a cooler outer pipe temperature.

•Variety - The industry's best selection of pipe lengths, slip sections and telescoping  sections.

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