Wood Heating Installation Examples

Alaska Fire & Flue can design and install a wide range of wood stoves, hearth pads, fireplaces, fireplace inserts and chimney systems.

Pictured below are several types of chimney installations performed by Alaska Fire & Flue and their respective characteristics.

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Shingled Roofs: This is the most common installation type and they look great when the flashing is installed correctly. The under tuck is key to preventing leaks.

Metal Roofs: Very common in Alaska but does require good craftsmanship to achieve a leak-free under tuck. Be sure to include a cricket to prevent sliding snow and ice damage.

Steep Pitch: The closer to the peak the better. This keeps more of the heat inside the house. Alaska Fire & Flue are steep pitch experts.

Cathedral Ceilings: Professionally installed stove pipe can make cathedral ceilings seem even higher while providing optimal draft.

Outside Chimneys: Outside chimneys are not very efficient for wood burning. They require a large amount of insulated pipe and require more frequent cleaning. However, in some cases its not practical or possible to fit a chimney inside a house.

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