Installation, Maintenance & Repair

Alaska Fire & Flue will professionally install your wood heating system in addition to providing annual cleaning, sweeping and maintenance, as well as repair or replace your existing system.

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We also provide a free flue temperature gauge designed by Alaska Fire & Flue with every wood stove or chimney installation. We designed this gauge after years of witnessing the inaccurate and confusing gauges commonly found on the market.

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Wood Heating Installation

Alaska Fire & Flue will professionally install your wood stove, hearth pad, fireplace and insert. How your wood burning chimney is designed and installed will determine how effective your wood stove or fireplace can burn. There is no sense in paying for a high quality, high efficiency wood stove, fireplace or insert, only to have it limited by poor design and installation.

Having your wood heating system professionally installed will provide years of trouble free operation. Additionally, regular cleaning and maintenance will extend the life of your wood heating system and allow you to get the most out of your investment.

Alaska Fire & Flue provides fully comprehensive service for wood heating systems. We will determine the optimum location for the install, design and fabricate your hearth pad and will deliver and install your complete wood heating system.

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Chimney Fires

Effects of Creosote on Chimneys

Chimney Cleaning

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Chimney Cleaning and Sweeping

Maintenance is key to keeping a wood heating system operating safely and efficiently. Alaska Fire & Flue provides annual and as-needed wood stove chimney cleaning and sweeping to keep your wood heating system working like new. We will inspect your chimney and provide proper cleaning to help prevent the build up of creosote that can cause failure of a wood heating system or even worse, could cause a chimney fire.

Chimney fires happen when products of incomplete combustion, commonly known as soot, build up in a chimney. This build-up is creosote, it it usually black or dark brown in color and is readily combustible. When creosote burns in a chimney it can be explosive and cause flames to shoot out of the top of the chimney. Creosote can also burn slowly with no exterior visible flame but with tremendous heat.

You cannot completely prevent creosote as it is a natural result of wood combustion, this is why it is critical your chimney be professionally cleaned at least once per year with normal use.

If you have a hot fire and the build-up of creosote reaches a temperature and oxygen level at which the deposit will ignite, a chimney fire is produced. Due to the concentrated levels of creosote, these fires tend to burn very hot. The high temperature stresses the mechanical strength of the chimney causing failure or distortion of the chimney structure.

Some things people unknowingly do can actually accelerate creosote build-up in their chimneys, such as trying to make the fire last longer by cutting off most of the air supply. While this does slow the burning, it also increases smoke output which becomes creosote as it deposits on the chimney walls. Burning firewood that is “green” or having a high moisture content can also increase creosote build-up. Water, when vaporized, expands 1700 times and acts as a cooling agent. Burning green wood cools the fire and the resulting smoke allows creosote to build up faster. Remember these key points when burning:

 * Have your chimney cleaned regularly.

 * Burn dry, seasoned wood.

 * Run appliance hot during ignition phase.

 * Build short, hotter fires.

 * Use an accurate flue temp gauge.

Alaska Fire & Flue can evaluate your current wood stoves efficiency, your chimneys overall condition, and your creosote level. We provide professional cleaning along with repairs to existing wood heating systems. Call (907) 357-FLUE to schedule a chimney inspection and cleaning.

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