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How Do Ventless Gas Fireplaces Work?

June 26, 2023

How Do Ventless Gas Fireplaces Work? Ventless gas fireplaces have become increasingly popular in recent years. They offer the warmth and ambiance of a traditional fireplace without the hassle of handling and cleaning wood or other solid fuels. Ventless gas fireplaces are also eco-friendly as they produce fewer emissions, making them a more affordable and low-maintenace alternative. In this article, we’ll explore how ventless gas fireplaces work. What Is a Ventless Gas Fireplace? A ventless gas fireplace operates using natural gas or propane as fuel. The fireplace burns the gas to produce a flame, which heats the room. The primary... View Article

How Do Fire Bricks Work?

June 1, 2023

How Do Fire Bricks Work? If you have a wood-burning stove or fireplace, you may have heard of fire bricks. Fire bricks are specially designed bricks that are used to line the inside of a stove or fireplace to improve its efficiency and durability. But how do fire bricks work, and why are they so important? In this post, we’ll take a closer look at fire bricks to answer these questions and more. What Are Fire Bricks? Fire bricks, also known as refractory bricks, are high-temperature bricks made of refractory ceramic materials. Refractory materials are materials that are able to... View Article

What Fireplaces Have New Technology Features?

May 25, 2023

What Fireplaces Have New Technology Features? Fireplaces have come a long way since the traditional wood-burning versions, which required constant maintenance and cleaning. With technological advancements, there are several new features and options available that make fireplaces more efficient, convenient and environmentally friendly. Here are some fireplaces that have new technological features: 1. Electric Fireplaces Electric fireplaces have gained popularity over the years due to their convenient features and easy installation. Apart from being energy-efficient and cost-effective, they come with several new technology features that enhance their convenience and functionality. Some electric fireplaces have LED lighting systems that replicate the... View Article

How Do The Wood Stove And Furnace Work Together?

May 2, 2023

How Do The Wood Stove And Furnace Work Together? Wood stoves typically work by burning logs in a firebox, which is usually made of refractory materials such as refractory cement or firebricks. The heat from the fire is then radiated into the room through the ventilation pipe and chimney. This helps keep the area warm and also releases waste products to the outdoors. Ductwork A ductwork system routes cold and warm air from the heating and cooling unit to floor registers throughout your home. The ducts are usually made from galvanized steel and installed overhead in basements and attached to the... View Article

How Do I Keep My Furnace Safe And Clean?

April 25, 2023

How Do I Keep My Furnace Safe And Clean? Furnace safety and cleaning are crucial to keep you and your family safe, but they are also important to the overall efficiency of your furnace. Performing these furnace cleaning and maintenance tasks can actually prolong the life of your furnace and coax it into operating at maximum energy efficiency. Change Your Furnace Filter Furnace filters are designed to filter airborne contaminants from your home. These contaminants include dirt, dust, pollen, pet dander and other allergens that can negatively impact your indoor air quality (IAQ). Allergy sufferers should change their furnace filters on... View Article