Should a Fireplace Be More Practical or Decorative?

Should a Fireplace Be More Practical or Decorative?

October 3, 2022

Well-designed fireplaces can create a great focal point. If well implemented, fireplaces provide a cozy element to living, dining, family, and bathrooms. Whether you’re looking to update an existing fireplace or build a new one, it’s essential to know what you want before contacting a fireplace expert.

Any modern fireplace should seek to combine practical elements with more decorative ones to improve beauty and function. That means finding creative ways to use it all year round. This article lists tips for making your fireplace practical and decorative.

Choose the Right Fireplace for Your Home

The market offers a wide range of fireplaces adapted to different needs. They’re classified based on their combustion types. Today, you can create closed, open, mobile, in-wall, and even hanging models. Types of combustion include:

  • Gas fireplaces: They use a gas flame and pilot and operate like traditional kitchen stoves. The best thing about them is that they produce no waste but come at a higher price.
  • Electric fireplaces: Do not require gas conduits since it’s enough to connect them to the electricity grid.
  • Wood burning fireplaces: These durable fireplaces have been in use for the longest time. While they’re cheap, they’re not very efficient as the heat produced is uneven. They also require lots of cleaning.
  • Pellet fireplaces: They work with ecological and biodegradable types of fuel. They’re fuel efficient and cheaper than wood.
  • Bioethanol fireplaces: They’re the cleanest and most environmentally friendly and don’t generate fumes.

Choose the Space Carefully

When installing a fireplace in a new home, it’s best to start by carefully selecting the right spot. Of course, you want to place it in a room that is mainly used, such as the living room or family room. You should strongly reinforce the roof, walls, and floor to prevent accidents. The thickness and dimensions of the firebox, type of chimney, and size of damper should be made with reference to the building codes in your area.

Use Accessories

If you have a simple fireplace, the best way to improve its appearance is to make it the focal point by dressing it up with accessories. You can use antiques, lighting, and other unique elements to complement your fireplace. Find fun and attractive items that you can place on the fireplace mantle. You can also include art and beautiful drawings that warm the entire place. You can paint and even add fun popping pieces if you don’t use the fireplace often.

Paint It Black

If your fireplace emits smoke, fumes or soot, you may want to paint it black to hide soot marks on the walls. The brick material doesn’t always support monochromic décor or modern art. That means it will be more challenging to decorate it. If you don’t like painting it black, you can always install a removable or sliding door to hide the black marks.

Get in Touch

Most homeowners in Alaska want a fireplace that can offer the right ambiance, warmth, and comfort. If you’re looking to set the mood and enjoy your space this winter, Alaska Fire and Flue LLC has the solution. Our goal is to introduce to you products that match your needs. Contact us today to explore our vast options.

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