What Are Some Venting Options for My Fireplace?

What Are Some Venting Options for My Fireplace?

December 5, 2022

Fireplaces are both attractive features and practical additions to homes. Advancements in gas fireplaces have also made these warm, inviting, and highly-sought home additions easier than ever to own and install.

What gas fireplaces also have in common, however, is gas fireplace venting options, and you’ll want to have the right one for your home’s warmest attraction. If you are in the market to buy a gas fireplace, consider the pros and cons of these four available venting options.

Gas Fireplace Venting Options

The advancements in gas fireplaces have resulted in more flexible, attractive, and accessible fireplace additions. Along with these advancements, we have also witnessed some additional and effective venting options — a necessary aspect of every fireplace. Here is a look at some of those venting options, and the good and not so good about each.

Natural Vent (B-Vent) Options

These are your traditional brick-and-mortar-style chimney systems. Natural vent options intake indoor combustion air via the chimney/piping system. While these are affordable and flexible options, they are also considerably less efficient and are susceptible to inside air flow.

Direct Vent Options

The most popular venting option today, direct-vent systems transfer pollutants and fumes using horizontal or vertical direct venting to an exterior opening. In addition to being the safest venting option for supplemental heating sources, they also provide versatility and good efficiency. Since direct-vent systems also rely on airtight seals (e.g., hearth feeds, exterior vent openings, etc.), these systems are also most efficient in newer homes.

Power Vent Systems

This lesser-used option requires the use of fans. These powered fans are used to increase air exchange, and are good options for non-traditional fireplace locations. The additional accessories and noise associated with these venting systems are a few reasons they are less desirable.

Vent Free Systems

These unique systems are growing in popularity and require no venting. That also makes them versatile, in addition to being extremely efficient. The drawbacks to these options are that they should not be installed in bedrooms, and air quality concerns.

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