How To Move The Warm Air From A Fireplace With A Blower

How To Move The Warm Air From A Fireplace With A Blower

February 7, 2024

Burning,Wood,In,The,Stove,Close-up,And,Red,Coals.flames.A fireplace can create a cozy and warm atmosphere in your home during the colder months. However, much of the heat generated by a traditional fireplace is often lost up the chimney. To maximize the efficiency of your fireplace and distribute the warm air throughout your home, using a blower can be an effective solution. In this blog, we will discuss how to move the warm air from a fireplace with a blower and improve the heating capabilities of your fireplace.

1. Understand the Benefits of a Fireplace Blower

A fireplace blower, also known as a fireplace fan or fireplace insert, is specifically designed to improve the distribution of warm air from your fireplace. By installing a blower, you can increase the efficiency of your fireplace by up to 50%. It works by pulling in cool air from the surrounding room, passing it over or through the firebox, and then blowing it back into the room as warm air. This helps to circulate the heat more effectively and ensures that it is not wasted by being trapped in the fireplace.

2. Choose the Right Blower for Your Fireplace

Before installing a blower, it is essential to choose the right size and type for your fireplace. Measure the depth, height, and width of your fireplace to ensure that the blower will fit properly. Additionally, check the compatibility of the blower with your fireplace model. There are various types of blowers available, including insert blowers, grate blowers, and remote control blowers. Research different options and consult with a fireplace professional to determine the best blower for your specific fireplace.

3. Prepare Your Fireplace for Blower Installation

Before installing the blower, you may need to make certain preparations. Clean the fireplace thoroughly, removing any debris or ashes that may hinder the installation process. If necessary, hire a professional chimney sweep to ensure the fireplace is in proper working condition. Additionally, ensure that the electrical outlet near the fireplace can handle the power requirements of the blower. If not, consider hiring an electrician to install a dedicated outlet.

4. Install the Fireplace Blower

Installing a blower will typically involve removing a section of the fireplace’s front or bottom paneling to access the firebox. Consult the manufacturer’s instructions for specific installation steps. In general, the blower will need to be secured to the back or sides of the fireplace using brackets or screws. Ensure that the blower is properly aligned with the air vents or openings in the fireplace to maximize its efficiency. Once the blower is securely installed, reattach the paneling or cover that was removed during the installation process.

5. Control the Blower Speed and Direction

Most fireplace blowers come with adjustable speed controls to regulate the airflow and heat distribution. Set the blower speed to a comfortable level that effectively circulates the warm air throughout the room without creating drafts or excessive noise. Some blowers also have a directional control feature, allowing you to adjust the angle at which the warm air is distributed. Experiment with the blower settings to find the optimal configuration for your fireplace and room layout.

6. Regular Maintenance and Care

To ensure the longevity and efficiency of your fireplace blower, regular maintenance is essential. Clean the blower and its components regularly to remove any dust or debris that may accumulate over time. Check for any loose connections or worn-out parts, and replace them as needed. It is also important to schedule regular inspections by a fireplace professional to ensure that the blower and fireplace are functioning correctly.


Installing a blower in your fireplace can significantly improve its heating efficiency by distributing the warm air more effectively. By understanding the benefits of a fireplace blower, choosing the right blower, preparing your fireplace, installing the blower correctly, controlling the blower speed and direction, and maintaining it regularly, you can enhance the warmth and comfort of your home during the colder months. Consider investing in a fireplace blower to maximize the heating potential of your fireplace and make the most out of its cozy ambiance.

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